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Something Better Coming

Written by Megan Saben and illustrated by Ryan Flanders.

Her son was dead.

The widow knew her hope in life was gone.

They went to lay him in the grave, but Jesus came along.    
He stopped the crowd and saw how tears were flowing from her eyes.
“You must not weep,” he kindly said, then to her son, “Arise!”
The widow gasped, the people stared, and much to their surprise
The corpse obeyed! The boy drew breath and opened up his eyes.

New tears stream down the widow’s face;
Her son returns her warm embrace.
You think that’s great? Well, just you wait—
There’s something better coming.

Waiting is long. Waiting is hard.
Is this life all there is?

Christ raised the dead to life during His ministry, foreshadowing the power he holds over the grave. His own resurrection was a mighty guarantee of His authority, and history isn’t over.
There is Something Better Coming, an absolutely certain, future hope for the people of God.

Written by Megan Saben and illustrated by Ryan Flanders, Something Better Coming is a picture book that reminds God’s people of His certain promise when waiting is long and hard.

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