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Traditional or Indie Publishing? Keeping the ball rolling

Originally I assumed that I would use IngramSpark as a printer so that the book would be available to bookstores and libraries. But I had two concerns. First, I wanted better quality than POD (print on demand). Second, it seems that quarantine has provided opportunity for many others to stay home, make sourdough bread, andContinue reading “Traditional or Indie Publishing? Keeping the ball rolling”

About Megan

I am a follower of Christ, living in south central Virginia with my patient, beloved engineer husband and our five lively boys in a house full of books (but never enough shelves). I love tea, lattes, while I read, write, or knit.

I mostly write about books for Redeemed Reader, but Literaritea Press is the way I have chosen to publish my first picture book, Something Better Coming.

I would love to meet you! Drop me a note.

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