Literaritea Press puts picture books with Truth and Story into the hands of readers.

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reflects the reality that God has ordained in Creation, Fall, and Redemption.


refers to common knowledge.


is the kind of book you want to read again. And again.


has a beginning, a middle and an end…but one time through is enough.

Picture Books

bring stories alive through illustrations worth lingering over.

Writer and Founder

Megan Saben, founder of Literaritea Press, is a follower of Christ in Virginia who shares literary teatimes with her beloved engineer and their five sons.

Having earned master’s degrees in children’s literature from Hollins University and library science from University of Iowa, she spent four years as a children’s librarian sharing Truth, Story, and picture books with patrons.

She is a redeemed woman who reads, knits, and writes for Redeemed Reader.

Other places she’s written:

WORLD magazine book reviews
Booklists at The Children’s Literarian
Signature chai recipe and reviews at literaritea.wordpress.com

Email me: Literaritea at gmail dot com

(In case you’re wondering… “Literaritea” is pronounced “literari-tea” I hope that helps!)

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