There’s Something Better Coming.

Are you grieving the loss of security? The widow lost her only son.

Do you fear the worst is inevitable? It might be too late for Jairus’s dying daughter.

Are you mourning those you love? Jesus was late. Too late. On purpose.

Are your hope and confidence in life shaken? The Hero conquered? How can it be?
Is there a happy ending to this story or not?!

The story isn’t over yet.
There is Something Better Coming!

Yes, there is Something Better Coming for one reason: Jesus Christ holds power over life and death.

We’re publishing our first picture book. Soon.

Something Better Coming, the debut picture book forthcoming from Literaritea Press, is written by Megan Saben and illustrated by Ryan Flanders.

Don’t miss this beautiful addition to your home library!
Choose picture books that honor Truth and Story.

(In case you’re wondering… “Literaritea” is pronounced “literari-tea” I hope that helps!)